The Joliet Park District staff is happy to assist you. Please contact our staff by phone or email (see listings below). To email staff click on their names.

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Administrative Staff

Standard office hours for the Administrative Office of the Joliet Park District: Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm.
Joliet Park District Offices (815) 741-7275
Tom Carstens Executive Director
Brad Staab Deputy Director
Matt Pehle Director of Finance
Ted Brodeur Director of Revenue Facilities
Terry Keigher Director of Recreation
Larry Burich Director of Planning/Parks
Beth Ley Corporate Relations Supervisor
Liz Reyes Human Resource Manager

Supervisory Staff

Barber & Oberwortmann Horticultural Center / Bird Haven Greenhouse (815) 741-7278
Kevin Eberhard Chief Horticulturist
Marcia Hurley Horticulturist
Brian Legan (815) 741-7265 Inwood Golf Club Manager
Kirk Blakney (815) 741-7272 Woodruff Golf Club Manager
Jason Shook (815) 741-7270 Wedgewood PGA Professional
Clint McLaughlin (815) 693-0337 Superintendent of Golf Grounds
John Ekstrom (815) 741-7275 x 137 Asst. Superintendent of Golf Grounds
Hartman Recreation Center (815) 741-7296
Laura Brumfiel Recreation Superintendent
Inwood Athletic Club (815) 741-7275
Dan Hinz Ice Arena Coordinator
Gina Giarrante-Rodriguez Fitness Superintendent
Mary Magee-Huth Fitness Coordinator
Donna Gale Fitness Coordinator
Adam Duda Aquatics/Ice Maintenance
Lauren Ryan Aquatic Coordinator
Jason Henry Fitness Maintenance Supervisor
Jillian Kren Membership/Registration Coordinator
Duke Welch Maintenance
ATI Field at Joliet Memorial Stadium
Blaine Kline Stadium/Aquatics Superintendent
Joliet Regional Airport (815) 741-7267
Jennifer McFarland Airport Superintendent
Multi-Purpose Center (815) 741-7275
Casey OConnell Recreation Superintendent
Karen Cooper Recreation Superintendent
Brandon Taylor Athletic Superintendent
Kathy Green Recreation Superintendent
Sara Kolodziej
SRJC Coordinator
Rachel Zabala SRJC Recreation Supervisor
Leanna Reinholtz Gymnastics Supervisor
Park Services (815) 741-7278

Pilcher Park Nature Center (815) 741-7277
Katie Zaban Nature Center Superintendent
Splash Station Waterpark (815) 741-7275
Lauren Ryan
Aquatics Coordinator

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