News Release

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

 CONTACT PERSON:  Brad Staab, Interim Executive Director
DATE:  July 31, 2019
DEPARTMENT:  Administration
RELEASE DATE:  Immediate
TELEPHONE:  815-741-7275, ext. 119
The Park District has been attempting to increase revenues and/or reduce costs in order to maintain as much continuity as possible in District programs. As part of our continuing efforts to reduce costs at the District, the Board approved a One-Time Voluntary Separation Program offered to all eligible employees at the July 22 board meeting.
On Tuesday, the Joliet Park District Board agreed to accept Ted Brodeur’s application for Voluntary Separation.  As part of our agreement, the District will pay Mr. Brodeur two months’ salary.  Pursuant to state law and District personnel rules, Mr. Brodeur will also be paid for earned but unused vacation and sick days. 
As a result of this change, the Park District will also realize a significant cost savings.  By accepting Mr. Brodeur’s application for Voluntary Separation, the District will have reduced our administrative expenses.  In light of the financial difficulties currently faced by the District, this was an important consideration in deciding to approve a Separation Agreement with Mr. Brodeur.  We wish Mr. Brodeur well as he moves on.