The Joliet Park District staff is happy to assist you. Please contact our staff by phone or email (see listings below). To email staff click on their names.

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Administrative Staff

Standard office hours for the Administrative Office of the Joliet Park District: Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm.
Joliet Park District Offices (815) 741-7275
Tom Carstens Executive Director
Brad Staab Deputy Director
Matt Pehle Director of Finance
Ted Brodeur Director of Revenue Facilities
Terry Keigher Director of Recreation
Larry Burich Director of Planning/Parks
Beth Ley Corporate Relations Supervisor
Liz Reyes Human Resource Manager

Supervisory Staff

Barber & Oberwortmann Horticultural Center / Bird Haven Greenhouse (815) 741-7278
Kevin Eberhard Chief Horticulturist
Marcia Hurley Horticulturist
Brian Legan (815) 741-7265 Inwood Golf Club Manager
Kirk Blakney (815) 741-7272 Woodruff Golf Club Manager
Jason Shook (815) 741-7270 Wedgewood PGA Professional
Clint McLaughlin (815) 693-0337 Superintendent of Wedgewood/Woodruff Golf Grounds
John Ekstrom (815) 741-7275 x 137 Superintendent of Inwood Golf Grounds
Hartman Recreation Center (815) 741-7296
Laura Brumfiel Recreation Superintendent
Inwood Athletic Club (815) 741-7275
Dan Hinz Ice Arena Coordinator
Gina Giarrante-Rodriguez Fitness Superintendent
Denise Ryan Fitness Coordinator
Donna Gale Fitness Coordinator
Adam Duda Aquatics/Ice Maintenance
Lauren Ryan Aquatic Coordinator
Jason Henry Fitness Maintenance Supervisor
Jillian Kren Membership/Registration Coordinator
Duke Welch Maintenance
ATI Field at Joliet Memorial Stadium
Blaine Kline Stadium/Aquatics Superintendent
Joliet Regional Airport (815) 741-7267
Jennifer McFarland Airport Superintendent
Multi-Purpose Center (815) 741-7275
Casey OConnell Recreation Superintendent
Karen Cooper Recreation Superintendent
Brandon Taylor Athletic Superintendent
Sara Kolodziej
SRJC Recreation Superintendent
Rachel Zabala
SRJC Coordinator
Kevin Dalton SRJC Supervisor
Leanna Reinholtz Gymnastics Supervisor/Building Manager
Park Services (815) 741-7278

Pilcher Park Nature Center (815) 741-7277
Katie Zaban Nature Center Superintendent
Organic Community (815) 741-7275 x 601
Katie Zaban Nature Center Superintendent
Splash Station Waterpark (815) 741-7275
Lauren Ryan
Aquatics Coordinator

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