----Pilcher_Park_Nature_Center_sm.jpgIf you enjoy nature, be sure to visit Pilcher Park Nature Center. Bring your family out for hiking, biking, or cross country skiing. The Nature Center offers a wide variety of scenic trails. There is a lot to learn about the great outdoors, and Pilcher Park is just the place. Rent the Nature Center, bring a group for an overnight or field trip, or have your company picnic in the park. We have catering services available. Pilcher Park offers playground areas, picnic grounds, scenic hiking trails, bicycle trails, and cross country ski trails. Over 640 acres of land provide a habitat for wildlife and the perfect environment for outdoor recreation.

Pilcher Park Nature Center is located at 2501 Highland Park Dr, 815-741-7277

Hours of Operation


Pilcher Park Nature Center will be open 7 days a week from 10am - 2pm