Four easy ways to sign up!

  1. Walk in First Come, First Serve Basis
  2. Mail in Processed by Random Selection (No Cash Please) Joliet Park District, 3000 W. Jefferson St., Joliet, IL 60435 Attn: Registration. Please make checks payable to Joliet Park District.
  3. Fax in Inwood Athletic Club Fax: (815) 741-7280 (24 Hours) Credit/Debit Card Registration Only. Faxes received after 4pm will be processed the next business day.
  4. Online, register and sign up online - Fall 2022 Programs - SIGN UP ONLINE HERE


  • Resident Discount Cards must be current to receive Resident Rates.
  • Registrations received in person, first day of registration receive top priority; all others will be processed in the order received.
  • Per District policy, a service charge of $15 will be incurred by the registrant for checks returned for insufficient funds.
  • Information will be mailed confirming Mail In and Fax In registrations.

Please review the Joliet Park District's Refund Policy below before registering.

Refund Policy

Refunds will be issued after the first meeting of the class, program or activity only if:

  • The District receives written doctor's excuse accompanied by written request for refund.
  • The Registrant moves from the Joliet Park District boundaries. Evidence of the move must accompany a written request for the refund.

A class credit may be issued upon approval of the program coordinator. Refunds/credits will be prorated for classes attended. Withdrawal from a program is subject to a $5.00 administrative charge.

All refund requests must be made in writing and accompanied by a receipt for proof of payment. Credit memos will be issued to participants who do not have a receipt. Classes, programs, or activities cancelled by the District are subject to a full refund.

Refunds for trips will not be issued after the trip deadline has passed.

Resident Discount Card

The Resident Discount Card insures that residents will pay less for all programs than non-residents, who do not support the district through tax dollars.

Who is a Joliet Park District Resident?

Did you know that not all City of Joliet residents are Joliet Park District residents? Based on formal action by the Joliet Park District Board of Commissioners, a Joliet Park District resident is described as a person whose legal domicile is within the boundaries of the District. Residency is the principal place of habitation of the individual occupying the home, apartment, condominium or estate. It shall be the principal yearly residence for the family residing at the location. The resident must be able to produce a valid driver's license and a current property tax bill or utility bill verifying residency at that location. Individuals who own rental property that is occupied by others may not be considered Joliet Park District residents. However, individuals who reside in rental property within the Park District boundaries are considered Park District residents.

If you are unsure of whether or not you are a Joliet Park District Resident, please give us a call at 815-741-7275 ext. 100 and we will be able to look up your address. If you'd like to check on your own, you can use the Will County website by clicking here. Once you locate your address through the website, you can click on "view tax bodies", and it will list out your district.

Who Needs a Resident Discount Card?

Resident Discount Cards are issued to Joliet Park District residents only and are mandatory for all residents six years and older who wish to take advantage of lower, resident rates for programs and services. If a parent is registering a child under the age of six for a program, the parent must have a valid Resident Discount Card.

Where Do I Obtain a Resident Discount Card?

Obtain your Resident Discount Card at the Inwood Athletic Club, 3000 W. Jefferson St., the Kathy Green Multi-Purpose Center, 3000 W. Jefferson St., Hartman Recreation Center, 511 N. Collins St. or Splash Station Waterpark, 2780 U.S. Rte. 6. When obtaining/renewing your Resident Discount Card and/or the cards for your family members, bring your Resident Discount Card (if applicable), (1) form of picture I.D. (in addition to RDC), and a current property tax or utility bill showing your name and address.