Invitation to Bid:

Mechanical System at the Barber & Oberwortmann Horticultural Center

Closed Bids & Results:


Highland Park Baseball Field

Purchase of Fleet Vehicle (Special Rec. of Joliet & Channahon - SRJC Van)

Wedgewood Ball Shed Concrete Pad

Automatic Irrigation Improvement Project

KGMPC Gymnasium Paint Project

Wedgewood & Inwood Parking Lots Improvement

Barber & Oberwortmann Horticultural Center Electrical Control System


Kathy Green Multi-Purpose Center Roof Replacement

 Barber & Oberwortmann Horticultural Center Renovation #01 - #05

Kathy Green Multi-Purpose Center Gym Bleachers Replacement

2024 Golf Course Tee & Green Supplies

Inwood Ice Arena Renovations #03 - #13

2023 Purchase & Installation of Pool Dehumidification Unit

Inwood Ice Arena Renovation - Ice Rink Construction

Inwood Ice Arena Renovation - Dasher Board

2023 Barber & OberWortmann Horticultural Center Roof Replacement

2023 Inwood PickleBall & Tennis Courts Project


2022 Composite Sheet Pile - Inwood Golf Course BID

2022 Wedgewood Clubhouse Roof Replacement Bid

Inwood Hole #2 Island Green

2022 Golf Courses Tee & Green Supply


Purchase & Installation of 50-TON commercial RTU

Inwood Backstop Poles


2020 Inwood Backstop Improvement Project

2020 Bird Haven Greenhouse Renovation Project

Grove Road Phase II Development Project

2020 Inwood Softball Fields

2020 Golf Course Tee & Green Supplies


Bid Result Kathy Greene MPC

Woodruff Maintenance

Outsource Mowing Bid

Kathy Green Multi-Purpose Center Remodel

Turf Mowing & Maintenance


2019 Golf Course Tee & Greens Supplies

Nowell Park Recreation Center Landscape Bid

Nowell Park Recreation Center Fitness Equipment Bid

Wedgewood Golf Course Renovation

Annual Program Guide Bid


Shirt Bid

2018 Golf Course Tee & Green Supplies

Prevailing Wage

(effective september 2, 2020)

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