Special Recreation of Joliet & Channahon (SRJC) is a cooperative extension of the Joliet and Channahon Park Districts, and provides year-round recreation activities for individuals who wish to participate in alternative Park District programs. These programs are designed to help participants who have physical or mental disabilities, sensory impairments, or any other type of disability, to develop leisure skills, independent living skills, and motor skills. In addition to all of these benefits, perhaps the most important aspect of SRJC's programs is fun! Transportation is available for some SRJC programs to residents of Joliet and Channahon, for an additional fee.

For non-resident transportation, please contact the SRJC office at (815)741-7275 ext. 176. For more information about SRJC or to request a registration form, call the Kathy Green Multi Purpose Center at (815) 741-7275 ext. 160.

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