Check out the educational programming offered for your children. If you are interested in any of these programs, you may click on the button below to see class times and availability.


Weeping Willows

Your child will be nurtured as he/she learns to cope with separation and is introduced to group interaction. Hands-on activities will allow him/her to learn while exploring. Gross-motor skills will be developed through indoor and outdoor activities. Children must be age 2 by the beginning of class. Children do NOT need to be potty trained to enter this class. Parent will be notified in case of an "accident" during class that needs immediate attention. Registration is limited.

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Me Two Plus Three

Please let me go to school too! Your child will enjoy coming to school in this loving and nurturing environment. This class features circle time including finger plays, nursery rhymes, songs and stories. Socialization, taking turns, listening, and sharing using fun games will help our little munchkins with preschool preparedness. We will use developmental centers including art, music, drama, manipulatives for self exploration as well as teacher directed activities. Child does not need to be potty trained. Please discuss with your child that this is their special time at school and you will not stay during class time.


Flying Solo

Did your child miss the September 1st preschool age requirement but seems ready for preschool? This class is designed with your bright child in mind. Gym and music time is included. Class introduces individual and group learning.


Sunshine Scientist

Curiosity, exploration, and "How does that happen?" will be discovered in this basic science class designed for your preschooler. The students will study the wonderful world of science through hands-on experiences. A variety of science experiments focusing on chemistry and physics will be explored during the first session. If your child is enrolled in Sunshine and Rainbows your child will be escorted to or from their classroom.

Sunshine Budding Artist

Pre-K/K Sampler Palette - budding artists, through fun, skill-building exercises, will enjoy a variety of art mediums in this "sampler palette." During the creation process, they will learn the basics of art materials for their ages, such as pencils, paint, glue, tissue paper, crayons, markers, collages and more. While learning colors, shapes and more, the students will proudly create their own masterpieces. Students enrolled in Sunshine and Rainbows will be escorted to or from their classroom to help you save driving time.

Sunshine Bears

Enroll your preschooler in this active movement, tumbling and beginning gymnastics class that precedes or follows your child's preschool class. Your child will be escorted to or from their classroom. Creative circuits based on lesson plans make learning fun and keep students active. Class begins with an opening activity/stretch and continues with three circuits. Students will be introduced to the basic elements of sport tumbling and gymnastics.

Kids at Hart After School Program at Hartman Recreation Center

Nothing to do after school? We fight boredom! Come out for sports, games, crafts and socialization. Homework help is also provided. This program is excellent for children with working parents. The Kids at Hart program follows the Joliet District 86 public school calendar. The Joliet Park District's refund policy will be strictly enforced and there will be no proration of fees for days not in attendance.

Home School Fridays

Attention Home-schoolers! Join us for exciting science and nature programs planned just for home-schooled students: a perfect addition to your ecology, biology & geology curriculum. Home School Fridays offer a great opportunity for hands-on learning. There is plenty of outdoor exploration so children should come dressed for the weather.

Silly Science Time for Preschoolers

Ever wonder why there is air or where your shadow goes? Your child's curiosity will be sparked as we do many hands-on experiments. Crazy contraptions, gooey mixtures, and exciting experiments round out this science class as we learn about science in the process. We will discover many facts and answers to all the fundamental mysteries in the process.

Colors of the Rainbow

Learn new songs, stories, and rhymes on the comfy carpet. We will use our paints, markers, dough, and glue sticks. This class is designed for your child to draw, paint, cut, paste, and learn other pre-writing skills by new different art mixed media projects. Every week a different color will be introduced inspiring the theme of the project. We will introduce new songs, projects, and stories each session. Dress appropriately for creative masterpieces.

Boys' Adventures

This class is designed for that special little guy in your life who loves adventures. Each week we will have a different theme for your little boy to explore and use his imagination through the adventure of play. A story and craft will be included weekly. Themes will be dinosaurs, race cars, outer space, pirates, airplanes, and zoo.

Messy Mixtures

Playdough, silly putty, and clean mud are just a few of the soft and squishy concoctions that your child will be making and playing with in this hands-on class. The children will follow recipes to create these gooey mixtures out of everyday household ingredients like flour, liquid soap, salt, water, and glue. Math, science, and language skills will be incorporated in this messy science class. Different mixtures will be made each session. If your child is enrolled in Sunshine & Rainbows your child will be escorted to or from his/her preschool classroom.

Discovery Kids Computer Puterbugs

Calling all Puterbug Detectives! We need your help solving Discovery Kids Computer Missions. As the technology revolution continues to unfold and the new wave of digital learning is swiftly becoming a reality, tech education is an important component of children's academic success. This program for early learners develops skills in keyboarding, use of function key/touchpad/mouse, creative problem solving, school readiness, Common Core curriculum, STEM initiatives and internet safety - while having loads of fun! New software every week, with access to online supplemental material for home use. Each child is 1:1 on their own computer, and never online as the program is downloaded on our computers. Don't miss out on this valuable jump start for your child!

More Than "STEAM"

STEAM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four five disciplines - science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics - in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. These classes encourage children to explore the wonders of the world through a child-centered, integrated curriculum that addresses the five important early learning areas. All classes reflect the national early learning standards.

American Red Cross First Aid For Little People & Home Alone

This class is designed to instill confidence in young children when an emergency situation arises. Active participation is encouraged through discussion and sharing experiences with the instructor's guidance. Children will make their own first aid kit to take home, with all materials provided. Home Alone teaches children simple safety rules and procedures for responsible self-care when they are home alone. The class includes viewing a short film, 'Alone at Home,' produced by the American Red Cross, an activity book, discussion on emergency phone numbers, proper use of the house key and answering the phone.

Gary Kantor's Magic Class

Children are guaranteed to have a great time as they learn a collection of fascinating and mesmerizing tricks from the "Magic Team of Gary Kantor!" Amaze family and friends with tricks that involve cards, ropes, coins, mind reading, and much more. While the tricks may appear difficult, you will discover that they are quick to learn and easy to perform. All materials are provided, and each child receives a magic kit to take home. Brand new tricks are taught at each session.

Tons of Fun

This program will operate on School District 86 days off. The school district calendar will be followed. This program will not run on major holidays. Deadline is 6 pm, one weekday before.


Calling all Puterbug Detectives! We need your help in solving Discovery Kids Puterbug missions. Knowing how to use computers as tools (not just toys) is a key component of young learners' academic careers. This program teaches young children how to apply today's technology along with developing skills in keyboarding, creative problem solving, school readiness, common core curriculum, STEM initiatives and Internet safety. "Missions" do not repeat - original software lessons from Discovery every week, all year. Each child will have a computer to use - no sharing. NEW THIS SEASON! As the children progress through the program, they will be introduced to the logic of coding and programming ROBOTS. Fun learning for all! Instructed by: Smart Starters


Knowing how to use computers as tools (not just toys) is a key component of core curriculum. Young learners need to know keyboarding, functionality and the logic of coding to be ready to embrace their upcoming academic adventures. The expert staff of Smart Starters, Inc. delivers instruction on the tools students need in a dynamic, fun and challenging environment. This newly revised curriculum includes keyboarding/function keys, coding, programming and safe internet habits. Everyone works at their own skill level and returning students will continue their progression through the program. 1:1 ratio on all equipment, including the robots. Not to be missed! Instructed By: Smart Starters